About the Blogger


Hi there! I’m Lanesha, a recent graduate of Oregon State University. I’m currently working at a strategic communications firm in Washington D.C. & attempting to live my best Olivia Pope life.

I initially created this blog as an outlet where I could publish my creative work and random rants. Over the past few years, this little thing has slowly turned into my life diary, so the posts are sporadic to say the least. Reach out to me on any platforms if you ever want to collaborate or just chat!

LinkedIn- LinkedIn/laneshareagan

Twitter- twitter.com/laneshareagan

Instagram- instagram.com/lanesha_reagan


3 thoughts on “About the Blogger

  1. Lanesha- We are proud that you are a former Panther…. We are proud of you as a Beaver… but we are most proud of you coming out and being the strong person that you are and talking (writing) about this concealed and hidden issue. Mental illness affects so many, and your willingness to address it publicly will help others in doing the same!
    Thanks for being you!


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